Apryle is selected as the National S.O. Coach of the Year!!!!

Our very own coach Apryle Nickson has been selected as the National Coach of the Year by Special Olympics.  This award is not just for just the sport of  swimming this encompasses all sports.  What a huge honor for Apryle and how well deserved. Hooray for Apryle and the next time you see her give her a big high five. As I find out more information on the award I will keep you posted.

Apryle Nickson National S.O. Coach of the Year

State meet follow-up:  Everyone swam exceedingly well at the State Championships.  We had a few team records to add icing on the cake.  Jesse broke two of his own records going a 2:39.9 in the 200 free and 1:11.4 in the 100 free. Ian set a Jr record in the 50Breast with a time of 58.3 and Lauren set both the Jr and open record in the 100 Breast. Congratulations to all of our record breakers

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Doc Lucky Meisenheimer is a dermatologic surgeon, chief of the dermatology division at Orlando Regional Medical Center, and author of multiple scientific and general publications. His science fiction novel, "The Immune", won the 2012 International Book Awards for Science Fiction. His first non-fiction book, Lucky's Collectors Guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos, is in the Smithsonian Institution collection. He currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest yo-yo collection. An avid swimmer, he is a former Masters world record holder and national champion. A member of the Screen Actors Guild, he wrote and directed National Lampoon's RoboDoc Dissected: The Making of RoboDoc.
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